Couple’s Skeleton Found In Adalaj; Might Be Case Of Honour Killing

| Updated: June 15, 2022 1:54 pm

Gandhinagar police have been led down an unexpected path of investigation after finding the skeletons of a couple near the Narmada canal in Adalaj, Ahmedabad. On June 8, the police found the remains of a man and woman, just some half-burnt clothes as well as a silver ring and a fake gold ring of the woman. Not much else was discovered. However, this seems to be a case of honour killing.

The police believe that the killer is very familiar with the area as the bodies were disposed-off is very isolated and hardly sees any passersby. There are also no CCTV cameras or any such equipment in the areas. There were some people who thought the clothing looked familiar, but they turned out to be wrong.

Since there has been no real evidence to identify the victims, the police have now started analyzing missing persons cases registered in the past six months. So far, the police have looked into 8000 cases of missing and abducted people, but have not found any connection yet. The police have covered cases registered in Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad district, Kheda district, Sabarkantha district, and Mehsana. The officials plan to analyze cases in the past year now.

Police official said, “We compared the cases of missing and abducted people but did not find any information about the victims. The half-burnt articles were thought to have been identified by some people we had spoken with. They were false alarms. There is a good chance that the couple was the victims of an honor killing.”

The officials have printed over 5000 pamphlets showing the articles of clothing, asking anyone to come up with any information regarding the victims.

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