Crypto.com Confirms Security Breach Of Customers’ Accounts

| Updated: January 20, 2022 9:02 pm

World’s largest crypto exchange company – crypto.com has recently faced a massive security breach and due to this breach around 400 customer accounts were compromised, company CEO Kris Marszalek confirmed this to Bloomberg TV in an interview.

The confirmation about the breach was confirmed after several users reported about their stolen funds. Although in response to these allegations, Marszalek said, “No customer’s funds were lost.”

Also, company has not yet revealed how the hack took place and the company executive said that company had immediately suspended the option of fund withdrawals after the news of “Unauthorized Activity” came to the light.

Acknowledging the incident Crypto.com tweeted that “a small number of users [are] reporting suspicious activities on their accounts.” Marszalek said that the company started the transaction after the issue was resolved in 14 hours.

He added “all the accounts that were affected were reimbursed, so there was no loss of customer funds. Our team has strengthened the infrastructure in response to the incident.” Users were also asked to reset their accounts and were advised to reset their settings to 2 Factor Authentication.

After the claims were made by the company CEO on reimbursement, there are much speculations going around on this matter. People are claiming that crypto.com has faced a major fund loss during this hack attack.

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