Cyber Fraud Wreaks In Couple’s Life

| Updated: January 31, 2023 6:05 pm

A couple was sorting out their differences by seeking help of a counsellor but a cyber fraud almost put their marriage in jeopardy. The couple took help of a cyber expert who traced the call to Russia. “The wife initially thought that her estranged husband leaked her photos and it caused further problems in their already troubled marriage. The husband then approached me for help,” said Mayur Bhusavalkar, a Vadodara-based cyber expert.

The couple is now mulling filing a police complaint, but their families are against it. While the husband is a teacher by profession in Ahmedabad, the wife works in a bank.

During one such chat a few months ago, she sent him some bold photos through phone. 

Nisha and Nitin (names changed), who are in their thirties, have now decided to reunite. Cybercrime sleuths said, “We run awareness campaigns wherein people are asked to not download insecure mobile apps and not give access of photo gallery or contacts to every app. It is an invasion of privacy and can put the user in trouble.”

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