Deaf & Dumb Child Raped & Killed; Deesa Court Sentences Accused to Death

| Updated: April 27, 2022 5:44 pm

Deesa’s second Additional Sessions Court delivered a landmark judgment today. Nitin Mali has been sentenced to death by the court for kidnapping, raping and murdering a deaf and dumb child.

Speaking of the whole incident, on December 16, 2020, Mali forcibly raped his cousin’s deaf and dumb daughter in the kitchen of her uncle’s house.

Later, Mali took the girl from her home and reached Bhakhar village, 10 km from Deesa. Here, Mali raped the child once again and brutally murdered the girl by slitting her throat. He also collected the child’s blood in a jar. Nitin Mali returned home early next morning.

When the child went missing, her family members searched all night. The family of the victim reached Bhakhar where they found the child’s body in the early hours of the morning.

After this incident, its dark repercussions were felt in Banaskantha district including Deesa. The local police were pressured by social organizations to hold rallies and candlelight marches to resolve the incident for committing such a heinous act on the deaf and dumb child. Following which, the police immediately launched an investigation into the incident and started analyzing the footage of the CCTV camera found in the area around the child’s house. In one of the footage, Nitin Mali was caught riding with the child on a motorcycle. Police immediately rushed to Mali’s house and found his blood-soaked clothes. They arrested Mali immediately for this incident.

The case was going on in the Second Additional Sessions Court of Deesa for 16 months after the detention of Nitin Mali. After about 58 witnesses and 50 dates, Judge BG Dave of the court today found Mali guilty in the case and sentenced him to death. The family of the victim became emotional and said that they had finally received justice.

Besides the family of the girl, the principal of the school where the girl was studying and her fellow students were also present at the Deesa Court. Mali’s execution posters were put up outside Deesa court today.

This is the first case in Banaskantha district where a person has been sentenced to death for any crime. The second Additional Sessions Court of Deesa said that the date of execution will be fixed by the High Court in the near future. But in the wake of today’s incident, the Additional Sessions Court of Deesa has set an example in the society by rightly condemning the one who has stigmatized the sacred relations in the family.

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