Devbhoomi, Bharuch Among 5 With High Water Nitrate Levels In State

| Updated: October 22, 2022 2:48 pm

Nitrate level is highest in Devbhoomi, Bharuch, Dang, Tapi, and Navsari among Gujarat’s 8,453 water sources. 33 districts across the state’s 2,97,068 drinking water sources have undergone testing. 2,81,124 sources were examined, none of which included any hazardous substances. While 15,944 sources have produced components that are harmful to health. Gujarat has the greatest concentration of nitrate in 8,453 sources out of the 24,382 sources of nitrate element in the entire nation. Because of the overuse of nitrogenous fertilisers, the amount of nitrate in water sources is rising.

Among the sources of drinking water in the state, 5.38% sources have been found to contain elements harmful to health. Nitrate, responsible for blue baby disease in newborns, has been found in 8453 water sources of the state. Bacteria called fecal coliform have been found in 7074 sources. High levels of fecal coliforms in drinking water can cause diseases including ear infections, dysentery, typhoid fever.

3845 sources have found fluoride responsible for dental disease. While Aryan Tattva, which accelerates stomach diseases, has been found only in 1 source each of Sabarkantha and Surendranagar districts. There are 4849 sources that have found other types of elements. However, arsenic, an element that invites skin diseases and cancer, has not been found in any of the sources.

There were found to be 15 sources of brackish water, but their water is unfit for consumption. There are 612 water sources located all around the nation, but the water is too salty to drink. There are 15 of these brackish water sources in the state. There have been found to be 6 sources in Kutch, 5 sources in Junagadh, and 1 source each in the districts of Banaskantha, Bhavnagar, Porbandar, and Surendranagar.

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