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Don’t Give Fitness a Bad Name

| Updated: September 5, 2021 01:07

The sad, shocking and untimely death of a popular actor due to cardiac arrest has made all of us introspect and scrutinise our own lifestyles.
People are saying, “He was fit and still succumbed to a heart attack. What’s the point of hitting the gym or eating right then?” This thinking is so wrong at so many levels.

Let’s face it, all of us are born with an expiry date. None of us is immortal. By taking care of our fitness and overall health, we just add life to our days. We perform better at work, think more clearly, be helpful to others, be happy and enjoy whatever little time we have on this planet.

Yes, we need to be proactive. i.e. take preventive measures like getting a body check-up regularly as well as get our heart health monitored. Also, we really need to stay away from alcohol, smoking and drugs. Substance abuse plays a major role in ruining our health. We don’t sleep enough, don’t want to manage a good lifestyle, don’t want to work on improving our relationships or mental health and then expect to score a century, that’s ridiculous.

It’s important to keep a few things in mind for a full life:

1. अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत् – excess of anything is bad. Too much exercise, being hungry and staying nutritionally starved, having unrealistic expectations from your body, all this will only hurt you. Make sure to listen to your body, and improve gradually.

2. Don’t just aspire to look good on Instagram. Your fitness comprises many factors like a healthy lifestyle where you have good cardiovascular health, you are eating nutritious food… basically, you are a happy soul.

3. Mental health is equally or more important. Have people around you who are your cheerleaders in life, who can lend a shoulder to you when you feel like crying. We are social animals. We can’t survive without the much-needed warmth from other humans. This will help you keep away from depression, emotional eating and becoming self-destructive.

Sapna Vyas is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified:- Weight Management Specialist and a Health Coach. She is a Fit India Icon and member of the general body of the Sports Authority of India. She lost 33 kg weight in one year with proper nutrition and weight lifting. Her transformation got famous worldwide and that got her into the field of fitness.

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