During ‘Mann ki Baat,’ PM Modi Quizzed Audience On Museums; Here Is What He Asked

| Updated: April 24, 2022 8:16 pm

During his monthly radio program ‘Mann ki Baat,’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi quizzed the audience about various museums across the country while encouraging them to visit them to learn more about Indian history, on April 24, 2022.

During his address, in an appeal to the people, the Prime Minister asked them to answer the Museum Quiz on NaMo App or share their answers on social media with the hashtag ‘Museum Quiz’. This quiz is being held to enhance interest in the museum among people all over the country, the Prime Minister said.

In his first question, PM Modi asked, “Do you know in which city of the country there is a famous Rail Museum where people have been getting a chance to see the heritage of Indian Railways for the last 45 years?” Giving a clue, he said that one can also find here, from the Fairy Queen, the Saloon of Prince of Wales to the Fireless Steam Locomotive.”

with his second question, the Prime Minister hinted that here coins are from the sixth century BC, and e-money is also there. He said, “Do you know which museum is there in Mumbai, where we get to see the evolution of currency in a very interesting way?.” 

In his third question, he asked, “Virasat-e-Khalsa’ is related to this museum. Do you know, in which city of Punjab is this museum located?” 

Following that, the PM inquired as to where the only Kite Museum in the country can be found, noting that the biggest kite on display here measures 22 x 16 feet and the city where it is located is known as “Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi)”.

“Do you know where the National Museum related to postage stamps is in India?” the Prime Minister asked.

“Which museum is housed in a building named Gulshan Mahal?” asked PM Modi asked again, indicating the visitor would be able to view different aspects of filmmaking and be able to become a director.

“Do you know of any museum that celebrates India’s textile heritage? This museum has miniature paintings, Jaina manuscripts, sculptures and many more. It is also known for its unique display,” the Prime Minister said.

PM Modi on Sunday addressed the nation today in his 88th edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’.

“Mann ki Baat” is the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, which is broadcast on the last Sunday of every month at 11 am.

The first episode of Mann Ki Baat was broadcast on October 3, 2014.

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