e-Counselling For Students Seeking Admission Into 100 New Sainik Schools

| Updated: February 6, 2022 7:41 pm

The Sainik School Society is in the process of developing an automated system for the conduct of e-Counselling. This step has been taken in light to accomplish the Government’s aim of setting up 100 new Sainik Schools throughout the country. To make the admission process easier, e-Counselling for admission into Sainik Schools has been introduced.

This counselling will be given to the new schools being set up as part of the Government’s vision to provide an opportunity for students throughout the country to move in tune with National Education Policy along with following the Sainik School curriculum. A tentative date of the opening of this portal is yet to be announced.

The Process
-The Sainik Schools Society (SSS) will head out an intense publication of this program to educate the interested students to apply for e-Counselling along with timelines.
-A link will be sent to individual applicant students securing more than qualifying marks as prescribed by SSS from time to time through email or mobile numbers.
-At the same time, new Sainik Schools will be provided with suitable access rights to provide category and gender-wise information as well as several vacancies.
-The students will be asked to register through the link provided at the web portal www.sainikschool.ncog.gov.in and verify their details.
-The students will have the option to select up to 10 schools as the choice of allocation. More into this process can be understated on the official page of this program.

e-Counselling will ensure complete transparency in the admission process. Furthermore, It will be less expensive and user friendly for all the stakeholders- schools, students and administrative authorities. It will also provide access for real-time monitoring of the entire process, and necessary action, as required at each stage

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