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Fifteen Defrauded In The Name Of Interest-Free Loans


Narol Police Station

A band of thugs has defrauded 15 people to acquire flats in the Narol neighborhood without evidence of income or any documents. The criminals established a DG Group office at Nandanvan Heights. The Narol police station is investigating this matter after the victims submitted a complaint on Monday, May 23, 2022.

Suryakant Parmar, a native of Lambha in Ahmedabad, is one of the 15 victims. He is a lawyer who was looking for a place to live. The prospective homebuyers attended a camp that featured provocative advertisements for obtaining a home loan without proof of income and becoming a landlord. Deepali Patel, Gambhirbhai Dabhi, and Pratik Kejriwal later told Parmar that if they wanted to buy a property, they could get up to 24 months. They will also receive free furniture worth ₹50,000 and a tonne of gold or Activa if they book the house by tomorrow.

Gang Collected ₹55 Lakh With Fraud Scheme

Suryakant fell into this trap and spent ₹11,000 to join the scheme to purchase a home. Following that, he showed the fraudsters a flat worth Rs 12 lakh, for which they asked Rs 1.5 lakh. Parmar then paid one Lakh in cash and confronted the fraudulent group with the requisite documentation for the loan of ten lakh.

By accessing the DG Group’s letter pad, the group pledged to lend the remaining rupee. The group promised Parmar that he would receive the key on Dhanteras, which he did not receive. Deepali, Tejas, Gambhir, and Pratik did not obtain a key even after Dhanteras. The money used to reserve the apartment was also not returned. Their later visit to the Vedika Residency booked flat found that the work on the flat was still unfinished. As per the recent update, the gang defrauded several people and collected a total of ₹55 lakhs. The cops reported that the frauds are on the run, and they are making provisions to find them.

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