Four Illustrious Indians From South Nominated to Rajya Sabha

| Updated: July 7, 2022 11:11 am

In a shrewd move, seen as determined outreach to the only bastion remaining politically unconquered so far, BJP has recommended the nomination of four prominent personalities one each from Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu and Telangana to the Rajya Sabha. The move also takes care of represents a Dalit and a woman, a Dalit man and a religious leader.

Renowned athlete PT Usha from Kerala, music maestro Ilaiyaraaja from Tamilnadu, Immensely successful and popular Screenwriter and director from Telangana V. Vijayendra Prasad Garu and philanthropist and spiritual leader Veerendra Heggade from Karnataka were nominated to the Rajya Sabha.

The choice of the nomination is impeccable. All the four persons chosen are stalwarts in their respective fields with pan-Indian recognition. Moreover, they have led an untainted and largely controversy-free public life so as to not attract any criticism from the opposition parties about the propriety of the choice.

According to Article 80(3) of the Constitution, out of the 245 members of Rajya Sabha, 12 persons having special knowledge or practical experience in respect of such matters as the following, namely: Literature, science, art and social service are nominated by the President on the recommendation of the Government.

The Payyoli Express, Pilavullakandi Thekkeraparambil Usha was born in 1964 at Kuttali, Kozhikode. She missed the first-ever Indian award at Olympics in athletic events when she missed the bronze only for 1/100 of a second at the 1984 Los Angeles games.She has won 11 medals in Asian Games, including four gold in the 1986 Seoul Games.

The very popular an creator of immortal melodies, predominatly in Tamil cinema, Ilaiyaraja was born in 1943. His real name is R. Gnanathesikan. Ilaiyaraja is film composer, conductor-arranger, singer and lyricist.One of the greatest Indian music composers, he is credited for introducing Western musical sensibilities in film music. He has composed more than 7,000 songs, provided film scores for more than 1,400 movies and performed in more than 20,000 concerts. Ilaiyaraaja is nicknamed “Isaignani” (musical genius) and is often referred to as “Maestro”, by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London, amongst others.

Now referred to as the ace director S Rajamauli’s father, KV Vijayendra Prasad Garu is a towering personality himslef. The biggest hits of Indian cinema ever in recentl times, bajrangi Bhaijan, Bahubali and RRR are written by him. In his 25 years career, he is blessed to be contnuously succesful.

Hereditary Dharmadhikari of the Dharmasthala Temple in Karnataka , D. Veerendra Heggade in1948 is a known philanthropist apart from being an influential spiritual and religious leader of the Tulu community. His work is in the field of social service, education and culture.

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