Good Friday: People Re-enact Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion at Mt Carmel Cathedral

| Updated: April 15, 2022 3:26 pm

Today marks an important day for the Christian community as they observe Good Friday, the day that marks the crucifixion Jesus Christ. The day is observed before Easter Sunday, as Christians commemorate the suffering and death of the Lord on the cross. In their attempt to spread awareness regarding this pious day, devotees re-enacted Christ’s crucifixion scene at Mt Carmel Cathedral in Mirzapur, Ahmedabad.

Good Friday is not like any other Christian festivals or holidays. It is day when people all around the world attend prayers and mass at the church. It is a day of self-reflection, forgiveness and thankfulness. Many devotees observe fasting and penance.

“Just like Simon helped Jesus Christ to carry the cross when he fell down, youngsters should help others, especially if they see helpless people in our society being judged unfairly. Only this will take you closer to God,” said Parish Priest Rev Fr. during Good Friday procession. Father Edwin Rajkumar, Fr Nilesh, and Fr Rocky Pintoo were also present here.

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