“Kala Saar” : A Fusion of Unique Art Forms

| Updated: June 10, 2022 12:53 pm

Art is truly man’s investment in immortality. A piece of thought or a view of nature might be short-lived in memory but becomes timeless the moment an artist strokes it on his canvas. The mind’s capture on
display becomes a double delight when it is an exhibition of varied thought patterns. And currently on in Ahmedabad is a group exhibition of paintings and sculpture.

“Kala Saar” at Hutheesing Visual Art Centre will be on till June 12 (4 pm to 8 pm). The exhibition brings together paintings, sculptures, and sketches of 15 diverse artists from various parts of the country.

Inaugurated by IPS Ajay Choudhary (JCP, Ahmedabad), the event also saw the presence of Narendra Kantilal Patel, (director, Sun Builders Group) and Bansi Shanghvi (artist, textile designer and image consultant). The esteemed all spoke and encouraged the artists.

While lauding the platform, Narendra Patel added that upcoming and struggling artists need avenues such as Kala Saar to showcase their talent. His note appreciated the reflective pause each painting
so vividly captured.
Likewise, IPS Choudhary underscored the need for many such shows to help budding artists. “We need to come, encourage, appreciate and buy such stunning art pieces. Patronage alone will ensure that artists do not switch to other professions,” as he put it.

For Bansi Shanghvi, herself an artist and sculptor of repute, each piece was a notable instance of “reflective art.” She advised the artists to pursue their calling, never mind the difficulties till fame happens.

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