GRUDA: Over 3k Forms Received, But None Cleared

| Updated: December 29, 2022 11:26 am

It’s been two months since the new impact fee law, the Gujarat Regularization of Unauthorized Development Act (GRUDA) 2022, came into effect, but the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) has not processed even one of the more than 3,400 applications it has received so far. The reluctance is due to the anticipation of further modification of the rules.

Moreover, officials are not clear if only an impact fee is to be charged or if costs like ‘betterment charge’ need to be collected. Though the issue of betterment charges was rejected in GRUDA 2012 version of the Act, a formal notification is yet to be issued.

Another aspect that requires clarity is the usable Floor Space Index (FSI). The FSI has been fixed in GRUDA 2022, unlike in the 2012 version of the law. So, it leaves no scope for regularisation of extra construction that falls beyond the fixed FSI limit.

Moreover, the state government is expected to simplify the impact fee law in the coming days as the deadline for submission of applications is February 16.

The third issue which requires clarity is the mandatory 50 percent parking space within 500m of the dwelling. The urban local bodies across the state are expecting some revision in the law regarding this aspect.

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