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Guide To Manage Retail Therapy Splurge

| Updated: June 4, 2022 17:34

There is need. And there is greed. Needless shopping would be a manifestation of the second. Ironically, it also reads as “need less shopping.”

Not many of us can answer a straight-faced negative to the question: Are you guilty of needless shopping? Make a grocery list for staples and inevitably the cart is laden with some condiments, munchies, that buy-one-get-two pack of wafers, bread that caught your eye because it was at a discounted rate, a promising ammunition of dishwash-laundry detergent-floor cleaner-glass gel, all packed into a deal instead of the solitary dishwash on the list. “Far more economical and at some point would, anyways, be required,” is always the winning argument in mind.

A walk down the ready-to-wear store just to check on size availability of a something that was on the list last time, might lead to a new item. Simply because it was at an attractive price or maybe it was on regular price but “worth it.” Need, cautiously, is tucked away into that little mindspace blurred momentarily by greed.

So, how does one stop the binge-buying? Refrain and restrain suddenly elevate into higher virtues, embodied as a lama or yogi. We are ordinary mortals and come with the vices. So, here’s a workable list for the gravity-bound and impulsive creed.

1) Always look at the tally after a buying spree. Let it sink in you. Where prudence fails, guilt does better.

2) When dismantling the grocery overdo, set aside a shelf for the “just picked up” items. From condensed milk cans to stir-fry sauces, you’ll be surprised how much you can hoard!!!! Do look at this shelf before setting out to replenish stock.

3) Once a fortnight, go through your wardrobe. Set aside a section for all the newbies lying in. Similarly, keep an unused suitcase handy under the bed to store clothes that must be given away/freecycled. Make a practice to put in two pieces for every new one, whether it be socks, a new shirt, a pair of jeans or a handbag. The hesitant push to put in things in the suitcase will have a restrain effect on the pull to buy more.

4) Limit your jaunts to supermarkets or departmental stores. Those attractive prices displayed on colorful placards exercise a magnetic effect on consumer mindset. Stand-alone stores are preferable. The hidden cost of a splurge is done away with because you buy as much is needed.

5) Organize your stationery, cutlery, shoes and life in general. Decluttering the physical space we live in has a clearing effect on the mind as well.

Retail therapy is an assuring practice. It brings about a sense of wellness and allows for a few days of complacency, rooted in the belief that one is well-stocked, can tide over situations if need be. But at what cost? Hence, always look at tally, the shelf loaded with grocery and be ready to put away two items of personal use into that suitcase under the bed!!!

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