Mental Well-Being In 2022: Small Steps Which Can Go Long way

| Updated: January 1, 2022 7:26 pm

All human beings are in pursuit of happiness, be it material or spiritual. It is this quest which differentiates us from other species. What is strange however is that often the journey in search for happiness brings unhappiness and creates challenges for the mental well-being. In today’s world, weeding this trail towards happiness is becoming more important than ever. There are a few things one can adopt to make this voyage more pleasant.

Be Grateful : Cherish and appreciate the good things and people who come in your way. Gratefulness is a very subtle emotion. It is also not easy either to be practiced in real way. Being grateful is not to lie horizontally down at the feet of everything good happening to you. Being grateful is that fine art of holding hand, looking into the eyes and smiling gently, without any putting any effort into it. Take being grateful as meditation technic of highest order. As you go up practicing, you realise little by little that it is not the other you value, you start adding value to yourself – by realising that you deserve receiving the good for which you are grateful.

Take Deep Breaths : A right breathing pattern is often prescribed for good mental health with it’s association with our nervous system. Breath is perhaps only thing constant during whole your life from the moment you are born to the moment you die. Subconsciously concentrating on your breath can be extremely beneficial to you. Breath is the proof of existence. Breath is you. Breath is what connects you with the living energy prevalent in all the beings on the planet and beyond. Breath is oneness. Breath is God- if there is one, without any beginning and without any end .

Drink Water and Be Outdoors : As someone rightly said, drink water and have sunshine because we are basically houseplants with complicated emotions. Indeed, water this beautiful plant that is you consciously. Do not neglect. A better aqua-balance will benefit you physically and mentally. Also, being in touch with the flowing fresh air in the nature and basking in the sunshine are in fact the pleasure you should be convinced, you are on the earth for.

Cultivate Friendship: The true one. Look for a few beings with whom you are at that ease. This feeling of being at ease can not be described. It is to be felt to be understood. Once you get it, do not let it go. Nurture it. Hold onto it. It is not commercial production but rare special edition relationships devoid of any pretence. And yes, it exists.

Do Your Daily Good Deed: French call it B.A. ( Bon Action ). Be kind. Never turn away when an occasion calling for you to be kind arises. Being kind is the noblest thing to do in life. Volunteer. Especially empathise with speechless animals. Reach out. It will bring sense and meaning to your own life in more ways than you can imagine.

Shun Toxic Surroundings: Take stock of people and surroundings which cause discomfort for you. Move away at all costs when you become sure it has negative influence on your mind and body. It is not worth if it costs you mental peace. It requires maturity and courage both to identify first and then move away. Any genuine constructive criticism must not be taken as toxicity. At the same time, bad behaviour must not be tolerated and creating peace for you is not only your right but duty as well.

Face It and Persevere : when in trouble or find yourself trapped into bad patch, do not act like an ostrich and bury your head under the sand. The right approach is to stare back right in the eyes of any problem or difficulty in front of you, howsoever daunting. Acknowledge. Refuse to be in denial mode. Accept the existence of an unfavourable situation and slowly start working on the ways to overcome it in the best possible manner with the available resources at a given time.

Exercise : No amount of words are enough to underline the importance of regular physical exercise. Health is indeed wealth. Your body is the temple where you, the God reside. Respect yourself and strive to keep your temple beautiful. Cleanliness, hygiene and comfortable clothing boost the self esteem. Work for it consciously. Run, jog, stretch, do yoga or simply walk.

Read, Listen To Music, Watch movies, Visit Museums: Books are best friends, it is always said. They really are. It is a soothing company and has the power to bring you to the magnificent lands. Music also touches the innermost of yourself in an amazing manner. Music, like books also helps build a cocoon around you where you can destress and be yourself. Movie is a great art form to indulge in. The experience of watching a good movie is wholesome and appealing at several levels. Visiting museums has similar effect.

Ask Help When You Need : Creating a window to ask for help is of paramount importance in dealing with your mental health balance. It is not easy either, but when you feel you are on edge, ask for help to prevent further slide downhill.

Be With Plants: Gardening has proved to be beneficial for stabilising mood variations, better concentration and revised focus. Gardening also allows you time of being in your precious company and strengthens muscle and mind coordination.

Don’t Be A Social Media Slave : Do not let social media rule you. Become aware of who is in charge and who should be in charge between you and social media. It is kind of a knife, you need it near you to cut vegetables and should be sensible enough to understand that other uses of the it are dangerous.

Meditate : Meditation helps. Period. Stealing a few moments to meditate, even on your busiest days is necessary. It helps to increase the grey matter in the brain and brings peace that you are in pursuit of.

Sleep Well : A good night’s sleep has enormous therapeutic values. Some Herbal infusion, a good book by side or a melody pouring in through headphone can help calm your mind before you surrender willingly yourself to the arms of Goddess of sleep.

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