Gujarat: 10 Bag-Free Days A Year Recommended For Students Of Class 6-8

| Updated: December 27, 2022 8:40 pm

Under the New Education Policy (NEP), the central government has proposed that schools have ‘bag-free days’ for Class 6–8 students to engage them in various activities. The State education department is planning to implement this concept in the new academic year.

The education minister of Gujarat, Dr. Kuber Dindor, also tweeted about this concept. According to the NEP, students should participate in various activities such as gardening, carpentry, pottery, and metal fabrication for at least 10 days or 60 hours every year. The policy also suggests that the students should be taken on visits to museums and heritage sites on such days.

Students spend around 1,000 hours at school, and of these, 10 days should be devoted to these extracurricular activities. They said that the state education department has decided to introduce the plan in the upcoming academic year.

The schools will be asked to ensure five ‘bagless days’ in each academic term, they added.

According to sources, the institutions will also be asked to organise activities such as trips, meetings with local artisans and folk artists, and even workshops on gardening, pottery, and metal fabrication, in addition to sports events and national festival celebrations.

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