Gujarat: 15,000 Jains’ Participate In Rally To Preserve Shatrunjay Mahatirtha

| Updated: January 1, 2023 7:57 pm

Jain community members held a demonstration in Ahmedabad to safeguard Shatrunjay Mahatirtha, the revered Jains’ shrine. The rally began on Paldi Char Road and travelled through Income Tax to arrive at RTO. There were over 15,000 attendees during the rally. The Jain saints at the collector’s office gave the administration a three-day deadline to announce the outcome after the rally.

The rally also welcomed Bhishma Tapaswi. At the rally, many shouted slogans. The road was closed for three kilometres in one direction when the rally reached Ashram Road. More than 50 MLAs supported the rally, which was attended by more than 1,000 Jain nuns and monks. There were over 200 Jain Sanghas, over 125 Jain Youth Societies, over 80 Jain Women’s Societies, over 100 Hindu Associations, over 10,000 boys and girls, and over one lakh Jain Shravakas-Sravikas present.

On the platform set up close to the collector’s office, Jain Muni sat. From the platform, Munis made their requests, and an application was submitted to the collector’s office. “Every particle of Giriraj is not a stone for us, it is God. For the first time, Jain society has come up with a demand. If justice is not done, this rally will not be the sacrifice of so many people,” Jainnacharya Jayaratnasuriji said.

The state’s peace has been shattered by the vandalism of Adinath Prabhu’s steps at Rohishala in Palitana and the subsequent destruction of CCTV cameras and notices at Shatrunjaya Hill by a small group of individuals, which has prompted the Opera Jain Sangh to demand harsh punishment for those responsible and long-term measures to protect the shrine. According to the meeting’s decision, a massive gathering of Jain Sangh youths, state representatives, and Jains from Mumbai, Madras, and Chennai left from the foothills of Palitana Jay and presented a petition to the Deputy Collector.

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