Gujarat: 28 Per Cent Spike In Domestic Violence Cases In One Year; Ahmedabad, Surat Register Highest

| Updated: February 5, 2022 8:40 am

In comparison to the previous year, an increase of 25 per cent in the domestic violence cases were reported in Ahmedabad in 2021. As many as 541 cases were registered in the year 2021, which is the highest number of cases in the city since 2015. However, the year 2020 had reported 433 cases.

Apart from this, Gujarat registered an increase of 28 per cent cases in one year with 1,945 cases of domestic violence in the year 2021 and almost 48 per cent, which stands at 954 cases, were contributed by just two cities of the state – Ahmedabad and Surat, revealed the CID Crime data.

The data also reveals that the majority of complaints were registered in the age group of 20-30 years. Opining on this trend, a senior officer said that the pandemic-led financial crisis is at the roots of cases domestic violence cases. Also, social media has been one of the root causes in many of the cases registered. Even one or two-year-old marriages have seen disputes, to an extent of filing a complaint.

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