Gujarat: Angry Farmers Flock To Seed Distributor Demanding Fertilisers

| Updated: January 5, 2022 8:07 pm

Farmers of Gujarat’s Aravalli district find themselves in a tough spot for two consecutive days as their requirements for chemical fertilisers remain unmet.

Reportedly, for two days in a row, farmers at Rellawada in Aravalli’s Medhraj have been facing severe problems regarding chemical fertilisers as they have been getting only one bag of manure against a requirement of 10.

Due to this, the Rellawada Seva Mandali(Seed Distributor) saw a huge flock of farmers in anguish standing in queue outside the firm from early morning today.

The farmers were lined up with their wives and kids, keeping their lives at stake and violating Covid protocols to get the required bags of fertilisers.

The prices of fertilisers have gone up which is another factor directly affecting the farmers’ livelihood.

The farmers demand met with despair as they got no response from the co-operative firm officials.

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