Gujarat Deesa now a Pioneer in Production of Royal Grain ‘Rajgira’

| Updated: March 11, 2022 9:52 pm

Deesa, a town in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district, has added another feather to its cap. 

Known for top potato production, Deesa had now emerged as a pioneer in producing the rich quality of royal grain known as “Rajgira”(Amaranth). Deesa yard is now also seeing surge in price of Rajgira

The reason behind the price hike is less farming in Rajgira. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has impacted farming as Rajgira is exported. A further hike is likely to be seen in the offseason as the prices are already in a surge during the season.

Deesa was mainly considered a hub of good potato production. In recent years,  Rajgira farming has also been on the rise. Just like Unjha in Gujarat is famous for manufacturing high-quality Cumin seeds, Deesa is now considered a top producer of Rajgira.

Rajgira is used mainly in bakery items and this explains its high demand overseas. This year, the market is seeing high prices of Rajgira. Twenty kg of this royal grain has been sold at Rs 1000 .

The secretary of the farming market has said that in the off-season these rates are likely to increase to Rs 1,500 for 20 kg due to high demand and less supply.

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