Gujarat: First Civilian Licensed Woman Skydiver Gives Wings To Aspirants

| Updated: January 5, 2023 1:38 pm

She was the first civilian licensed female skydiver in Gujarat when she was 28. Shweta Parmar joined the premier league in 2021 despite her financial limitations, when there were only three licensed female skydivers in India. Parmar is also assisting other young people from all throughout the nation in realising their dreams of skydiving.

When Shweta was only 18 years old, her father passed away. But thanks to scholarships and help from her two older sisters, she pursued a BBA and then an MBA at M S University. By following her passion, she joined the group of three certified female skydivers two years ago, joining Padma Shri recipients Rachel Thomas, Shital Mahajan, and the nation’s first female BASE jumper, Archana Sardana.

She has already begun assisting other skydiving enthusiasts from India. She made an unusual 20-day solo skydiving educational trip to Thailand as a result. It’s interesting to note that the funds Parmar is earning through this project will go to the Setu Trust NGO, which is situated in Anand and was created by Sudha Patel, who holds the distinction of becoming India’s youngest elected blind woman sarpanch in 1995.

“We have appointed Shweta as our skydiving training coordinator. She has already raised Rs 50,000 which she has donated to our trust. This money will help our girls, all from poor financial backgrounds to undergo training in skydiving and enjoy the adventure of tandem jumps which are otherwise unthinkable for them,” said Patel, a recipient of several national awards, who founded Setu for holistic development of disabled, orphans, slum dwellers and the destitute.

Many Indians desire to learn solo skydiving, but there is currently no formal curriculum available, according to Shweta. She continued, “My goal is to give many Indians who want to learn solo skydiving a planned layout.”

There are medical institutes for individuals who want to become doctors, and there are art institutes for those who want to become artists, but there isn’t one just for skydiving. India continues to be one of the few nations without a skydiving academy today. They will have access to Thailand’s top-notch skydiving facilities thanks to this vacation, she said.

Aspiring skydivers can acquire their USPA-A licence and AFF (Accelerated Freefall) certificate with the aid of Shweta. 

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