Gujarat: Govt Employee Forges Salary Papers To Raise His Own Pay

| Updated: January 13, 2023 12:50 pm

An appeal by an extension officer who lost his job after submitting a reportedly fake certificate that showed his last drawn salary to be higher than it was, has been rejected by the Gujarat High Court.

Ghanshyam Menat was engaged in the case; he was a Banaskantha district extension officer assigned to the Amirgadh panchayat. Early in 2022, he was relocated to Dhanera, where he left his Last Pay Certificate, which revealed that he was receiving a salary of Rs 19,950 from Amirgadh Panchayat. The Dhanera panchayat began paying him his salary based on the last pay he anticipated receiving.

The authorities eventually discovered a difference in Menat’s pay structure. The TDOs of Amirgadh and Dhanera provided confirmation of the information to the district rural development agency. Menat really used to be paid Rs 15,196 per month at Amirgadh.

The DDO asked Menat for an explanation. The authority discovered an error in the dates on which the Last Pay Certificate was issued in addition to the disparity in his salary amount.

Employee had forged salary documents

Ghanshyam Menat acknowledged in front of the authorities that a mistake was made when the certificate was issued. The authority came to the conclusion that no office had made a mistake, but that the employee had fabricated his credentials in order to obtain a better salary.

The differential that Menat received from Dhanera Panchayat was deposited.

Menat was terminated from his employment in September of last year after the district authority determined that the Last Pay Certificate he had provided was not authentic.

Menat went to the HC to query his dismissal and to demand his reinstatement on the grounds that he hadn’t been given a chance to be heard before receiving the pink slip. However, Justice A Y Kogje dismissed the petition after hearing his case.

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