Gujarat Govt Is All About Criminalisation, Corruption & Commission: Congress Leader Digvijay Singh 

| Updated: November 17, 2022 6:03 pm

Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Thursday visited Ahmedabad and raised some serious questions on the absence of governance in Gujarat. He accused the government of promoting criminalisation, corruption and commissions in the State. 

He is one of the star campaigners of Congress and he is here to appeal to people just before Gujarat elections. From GST to mishandling the State–Singh accused the Gujarat government of several mishandlings but a major amongst them was Morbi bridge tragedy. Singh said, “What is the need of forming a Special Investigation Team (SIT) when they do not want to take actions against the clock-maker company? Why are only the people at the bottom of the pyramid arrested in this matter? Why is the government trying to shelter the culprits? This is the government that promotes  criminalisation, corruption and commissions in the State. Unfortunately, you can not even question them.”

“This was a fraud of the highest degree. The government is by the rich, for the rich and with the rich. It is not with the farmers, the commoners.”

MSMEs shutting down 

Due to five slabs of GST on small and medium enterprises the firms are shutting down in Gujarat. “Tax burdens on small firms are unbearable and the government turns a blind eye to their grievances. The GST that we have today is a complex web of many rates, conditions, exceptions and exemptions we need to simplify them.”

Bilkis Bano

Congress is one of those rare parties that address the issues of minorities. Singh said, “It is shameful that culprits of Bilkis Bano were released and welcomed with garlands. Giving seats to culprits of massacre is also detested.” 

Impact of Bharat Jodo Yatra 

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh heaped praises on the Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra, aimed at uniting the nation by claiming that it led to RSS leader Mohan Bhagwat’s visit to a mosque and madrasa. Singh said, “BJP is picking Rahul Gandhi, especially for criticism these days because, within a month of his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Bhagwat has started going to Madrasa and Masjid. In a few days, Modi will also start wearing a cap.”

Bharat Jodo Yatra

Aam Aadmi Party

Singh accuses AAP of being a B-team of BJP. “AAP’s inception is from RSS. I have known Arvind Kejriwal since 2006 and the party emerged with the idea to introduce the Lok Pal bill and remove corruption–did it happen? No. AAP and AIMIM are just here to cut votes of Congress. The real fight in Gujarat is between Congress and BJP.”

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