Gujarat Hosts 20th National Maritime Search And Rescue Board meeting

| Updated: November 18, 2022 8:10 pm

The 20th National Maritime Search and Rescue (NMSAR) Board meeting in the series of Annual Maritime Search and Rescue (M-SAR) meetings was held by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) on November 18, 2022 in Kevadia, Gujarat. Director General, ICG Shri VS Pathania, who also serves as Chairman of the NMSAR Board, presided over the meeting.

In his inaugural address, the Chairman highlighted various initiatives undertaken by ICG in collaboration with other stakeholders/resource agencies to strengthen M-SAR services under the Board’s auspices. Shri VS Pathania launched the National Maritime Search and Rescue Plan-2022 during the meeting. It serves as a policy document for all participating agencies and stakeholders, directing the operation of the M-SAR system in an integrated and coordinated manner.

Apart from deliberations on various maritime safety issues and identifying areas for improvement of SAR services through policy frameworks and awareness programs, subject experts from ICG, ISRO, Maharashtra State Fisheries, and Karnataka State Fisheries delivered technical presentations, which were followed by brainstorming sessions and discussions on Agenda Points from stakeholders.

Every year, the NMSAR Board gathers to discuss policy matters, create standards and procedures, and evaluate the effectiveness of the National Maritime Search and Rescue Plan and services for mariners and fishermen in the enormous 4.6 million sq km Indian Search and Rescue Region (ISRR).

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