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Gujarat Legislative Assembly To Witness Student Parliament In July

Gujarat Legislative Assembly

Under the supervision of Nimaben Acharya, the first woman speaker of Gujarat, the Gujarat Legislative Assembly has achieved a unique accomplishment. In a one-day session in July, the Gujarat Assembly would witness an all-student cabinet and opposition. According to reports, 182 students would participate in the event and replace the MLAs. The Speaker has also officially approved the prepared plan. 

Student Committee Selection

As per the Vidhan Sabha Speaker, the students would be from classes 11th and 12th. In addition to this, they would be from all corners of Gujarat. The Vidhan Sabha shall announce the full-fledged event schedule soon. The authorities are also holding meetings for the successful implementation of the plan. Currently, the school post institution is handling the operation. 

The layout of the assembly shall be similar to the original. One student would play the Chief Minister, and another would be the opposition leader. Further, one would be the President, and the remaining 179 would be the MLAs. 

Questionnaire During The Student Parliament

The students would conduct a question and answer round like the Gujarat Legislative Assembly. According to Nimaben, the goal is to make students more aware of democratic and political activities. Shruti Rajvanshi, associated with the school post institution, informed us that they initiated the student selection process. They shall finalise the entire process in the next 15 to 20 days. In addition to this, they are planning to invite 400 students as guests to be seated in the audience gallery. 

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