Gujarat: Meet Syed Bhai Who Runs A Shop With No Locks

| Updated: June 3, 2022 9:14 pm

In the current times where keeping anything unlocked seems risky, there is a shop in a small town of Gujarat where the shopkeeper keeps it open 24×7 without any lock.

The much talked about shop by Syed Bhai has all the goods like milk and groceries, doors, tiles, cutlery, and hardware.

The most interesting thing about the shop is that it has no doors or lock and stays open for 24 hours. People take anything they want from the shop and put down money accordingly on the counter.

This shop is located in Kevadi village of Chhota Udaipur district of Gujarat and surprisingly has been running like this for the last 30 years.

Syed Bhai says that he has been running this shop since the age of 18. Only once in these years, a battery was stolen from the shop.

Syed Bhai believes that faith is everything to sustain the business. Villagers, in the beginning, found this shop astounding and strange at the beginning.

Syed Bhai only fears God and claims that there is nothing fearful about humans. He says if he has done nothing wrong nobody will deliberately do wrong to him.

Villagers call him Ubha Seth as his father was a businessman. Hence, his shop is also named Ubha Seth’s Shop.

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