Gujarat Schools’ Miserable Condition: 0%10th Results In 121 Aid-Schools

| Updated: June 11, 2022 7:34 pm

The education department has started tapping schools with low results in class 10. There are around 1007 schools in Gujarat with less than a 30% success rate for the tenth grade. Now, the government will grant to poor-performing schools. Moreover, there are 121 schools with 0% passing rates. The District Education Officer has started listing schools with unsatisfactory grades. 

Many schools funded by the Gujarat government are worried about their tenth board results. According to the Education Department rules, the schools with a success rate of less than 30% shall not receive the next aid. Although, the overall rate of tenth board results is 65.18%. 

However, the Education Department followed the Board of Governor’s instructions and verbally stated that they might not cut grants. Though there is growing concern among the administrators about a lack of notice. Gujarat State Board Chairman, Bhaskar Patel, said, “The department has shown a positive attitude. Although, they have not issued any circular regarding the deduction of result-based grants. They must consider the matter immediately.”

Grant Of ₹3,000

If the Education Department issues any circular, it is necessary to make provisions for implementing the same. Otherwise, some talented executives might face problems due to the confusion. The aided schools get a grant of ₹3,000 per month, which sums to ₹36,000 per year. The amount is small for the government. However, the absence of financial aid would be a loss for the school and the administrators. 

More Than 1500 Schools Shut Down Due To Lack Of Aid 

The schools use the grant to cover many external expenses like tax bills, electricity bills, and internet expenses. Unfortunately, the government and the education department has shut more than 1,500 institutes in Gujarat due to grant issues. However, the shutting down of a school gives birth to another problem. The poor people of the rural areas cannot afford to education in expensive private schools. Either the child has to miss school, or they have to travel several kilometers to attend school.

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