Gujarat: SSG Hospital Accused of Child Swapping by Family

| Updated: October 30, 2021 9:33 pm

A family from Vadodara filed a complaint against the SSG Hospital claiming that they had swapped their child with someone else’s after the woman gave birth on Saturday afternoon. After delivering the baby, the doctors informed her that it was a boy. However, when the nurse brought the baby, it was a girl and informed the family of the same.

The family informed the police that when the woman delivered the baby, the hospital informed and the rest of the family that it was a boy. But after half an hour, the nurse came in and said that the woman has delivered a girl.

The husband of the woman, Malla accused the nurse of swapping the boy baby with a girl baby. He said that they don’t want to take any chances and have ordered for a DNA test and approached the police.

According to the family members of the woman from Subhanpura area, on Saturday afternoon, she delivered a baby at the SSG hospital and they were told that it was a boy.

However, half an hour later, the nurse brought out a swaddled newborn and told the family that it was a girl child

“It is to rule out any doubts for the future,” said husband.

Meanwhile, the Gynaecology department of the SSG hospital has denied the allegations that they had swapped the child, an inquiry commitee has been set up to investigate the matters. Dr Ashish Gokhale, Head of Department of Gynaecology, SSG said that there has been no baby swapping. The incident might have occured due to some miscommunication. However, they are inquiring into the matter and check what exactly happened that led to the confusion.

The family approached the Raopura police station to file a written complaint against the police station and informed that a DNA test is mandatory for them to settle the case.

Meanwhile, JK Makwana, Incharge Police Inspector for Raopura police station informed that they have taken complete congnisance of the complaint and begun recording the statement from of the hospital staff.

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