Gujarat: Vulnerable Species Of Vulture Resides In Pavagadh

| Updated: December 18, 2022 10:43 am

In several areas of Gujarat, the population of vultures has not increased. Hence, making them a vulnerable species. The scenario is different in Pavagadh, where the bird population seems satisfactory. At a minimum, 10 adult birds were marked in the region during the latest census.

The region of Pavagadh offers a suitable habitat for these scavenger birds to reside and they are often spotted flying in the valley. In 2012, the vulture population reported nine vultures comprising eight long-billed Indian vultures and one Egyptian vulture, as per the officials.

At that time, the officials were anticipating that the number could get higher than the spotted ones. This time, all 10 vultures are long-billed Indian vultures. Approximately, nine nesting locations are marked in Pavagadh including three nests in the mountain behind the Mahakali temple and approximately six in the valley around the Navlakha Kothar. A baby vulture was also seen in one of the nesting locations. The nests can be distinguished by the white droppings on the rocks.

During the census, photographs were taken of the nests and the vultures. Environmentalists and forest officials are keeping a tab on the movements of vultures due to the decline in the population. 

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