Gujarat: Woman Writes Boyfriend’s Exam While He Leisures In Uttarakhand

| Updated: December 27, 2022 2:45 pm

While her partner was away on holiday in Uttarakhand, a woman in Gujarat was discovered completing an exam on his behalf. The 24-year-old woman reportedly took her boyfriend’s third-year B.Com exams as a fake candidate, according to media reports.

Now, the Fair Assessment and Consultative Team (FACT) has suggested that the woman be punished by having her own degree revoked. The woman can lose her degree and consequently her position with the government job if the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University syndicate approves the decision.

“The severest punishment for a dummy candidate is the cancellation of their own degree. If the maximum punishment is awarded, then the real student’s previous results can also be debarred from taking the exam for the next three years,” Snehal Joshi, convenor of the FACT committee, said.

In October, the woman took the third-year B.Com exam on her boyfriend’s behalf. A recent investigation of the situation was concluded. By modifying the hall ticket, she allegedly avoided being noticed. She changed the name on the hall ticket and substituted her own photo for her boyfriend’s.

Exam supervisors, who are swapped out every day, could not find anything suspicious when they examined the woman’s admission ticket. The woman would have gotten away with the fraud because supervisors do not know individual students, but a fellow student who informed the police.

According to a college faculty member, the supervisor in this case was informed by another student in the same hallway that a boy used to occupy the specified seat number. College officials called the student who was meant to take the test after they were apprehended. He claimed to be in Uttarakhand, one of the professors added. 

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