Gujarat’s Latest Trend: Lavish Gifts As Farewell Token For Transferred Police Officers

| Updated: September 1, 2022 6:18 am

Not very long ago, an auspicious token of a coconut and a rupee coin were the norm as the farewell gift for a transferred police inspector. However, when and where is not sure but yes, the definite change has taken over. As in the case of a recent transfer of an Ahmedabad-based officer. Not only were “lakhs” passed off in envelopes, an iPhone worth Rs one-and-a-half lakhs was also handed over by fellow officers.

The Anti-Corruption Bureau is yet to take cognisance, or perhaps, action on the cognisance.

Big gifts and mithai thaals on Diwali, birthdays or upon retirement are common and have never been questioned. “However, bidding goodbyes has become an expensive affair. The unstated is obvious. These gifts are given by people who gained in their vested interests during the police officer’s tenure. The recent transfer of an inspector has caught all eyes. He was given a potli of three-and-a-half lakhs, apparently by officers he worked with. The ACB is aware but remains silent,” shared a well-placed police source.

The story of this high-ranking officer began with “seeking a voluntary transfer from one law-enforcing agency to another.”

With elections round the corner, officers are being transferred randomly to make sure clout and influence do not mar free and fair polling. “Lest he was transferred to some remote place, this officer opted for an office of his choice. His superior is obviously privy to some gains because the transfer went through. In fact, there was a huge party at the new posting where top officials were seen.  The staff and other friends handed over the cheque for three-and-a-half lakhs and the phone. The rule states that police officers cannot accept such expensive gifts. Moreover, legitimate questions are being asked about who exactly sent those gifts,” added the source.

Significantly, while the ACB has been on a cracking down spree to target corruption. But such instances of bribery are dealt with turning a blind eye. Riding on this agenda comes the AAP’s guarantee that Gujarat’s systemic corruption in bureaucracy and police departments will be wiped out. “We are hopeful that AAP will come to power. Recently, many policemen changed their display picture to AAP leaders or the party symbol. They were asked by superiors to change it. The present hierarchy is entirely unethical,” the source informed.

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