Gujarat’s Primary Schools Bag Average Results In Gunotsav 2.0

| Updated: January 18, 2023 11:28 am

Gunotsav, an initiative of the Gujarat government, focuses mainly on assessment of learning outcomes of children for identifying learning gaps and subsequently designing remedial measures for improvement. The first edition under the then CM Narendra Modi was held in 2009. 

The Gujarat State Education Board declared the results of the first phase of Gunotsav 2.0 school assessment exercise on Tuesday. The annual grading process in which the state’s primary schools are evaluated on 10 parameters including academic results, covered a total of 32,000 primary schools across the state. Only 11 primary schools have secured 90% and above in the final assessment. 

The grading system places schools in four zones with green zone signifying scores above 75%, yellow including schools with 51-75% and red meaning learning centers which managed 25-50% marks. Performers who score less than 25% are bracketed in the black zone. 

A total of 1,256 schools were placed in Green Zone, 1,036 in Red while 14 were classified in Black Zone. Three schools from Surat topped the scorecard. 

Further, the green zone is divided into four sub-categories with Zone 4 at the top. This year, 11 schools made it to Zone 4, 81 to Zone 3, 329 to Zone 2 and 835 to Zone 1. 

Of these 11 Green Zone primary schools, two are from Ahmedabad and Dholka and managed to wrest more than 90% scores. Nearly 57 primary schools run by the AMC made it to the Green Zone while not a single one was classified in the Black Zone. 

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