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Handy Tips To Avoid Skin Damage During Summer

| Updated: April 5, 2022 08:45

The scorching sun, dry heat, and bright sunny days have announced the early arrival of Indian summer. While kids take a break from the ongoing vacation, adults are left in their usual routine plus planning activities or a family trip during the break. All good. But the skin is left exposed to the sun and its harmful UV rays. Most of the time, we do not even realize that damage has happened while sometimes, a heat stroke may force us to retire indoors for a bit. 

Dehydration, heat rash, tan, or sunburn are among the most common side effects reported in summer. The surface exhaustion of bodily minerals can lead to a depletion of vital nutrients in the skin, leaving one looking dull and dry, and left nursing a “broken skin.”

VO! meets city-based skin specialists Dr. Pinakin Desai and Dr. Smita Nagpal to gather a healthy skincare prescription. 

Dr. Pinakin Desai, MD Skin

According to Dr. Pinakin Desai, the root cause is dehydration because of rising temperatures and pollution. “We live in Ahmedabad where the daytime average is known to touch 40°C. This is bound to draw out the body’s fluid reserves. To prevent the inners from heat assault, drink plenty of liquids and opt for melons which are known for their high water content. The good old shikanji or lemonade is the perfect antidote, with its Vit C and salt content. For those who perspire more than normal, remember you are also losing a lot of sodium chloride each time you sweat. So, keep an ORS sachet handy at all times. To safeguard the outermost layer of skin, we prescribe a thin film of sunscreen or moisturizers with an SPF content. Avoid immediate getting into a cold shower after you have come from outside. Wash out the heat after a bit of rest and then apply rose water or aloe vera gel,” he advises. 

Dr Smita Nagpal, MD Skin

Reinforcing the same, Dr. Smita Nagpal also elaborates on the correct wear. “Please avoid synthetics and hard materials like jeans. Not only do they trap heat, but the constant rubbing with skin will also lead to blisters and sores, which then can be worsened by perspiration. Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and preferably in light colours. Heavy intake of fluids helps in maintaining the water levels and hence in the electrolyte balance of the body. Fruits such as musk melon and watermelon are a life-saver while lemonade, buttermilk, and lassi help to heal the ‘invisible damage.’ Sunscreens above SPF 15 are the most beneficial and we recommend water-based gels during this season.” 

Dr. Nagpal also underlines the wisdom in letting the bodywork back to room temperatures when you come from the sweltering outside. “In all conditions, avoid the immediate switch between hot and cold because this entails the dangers of a stroke. Wait till you have a cold shower or apply ice on the eye or head,” as she puts it.

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