Heena Murder Case: Sachin’s Family Knew About His Live-In Relationship

| Updated: October 28, 2021 12:27 pm

Heena murder case has been the talk of the town since a while now and new revelations are made every day in the case. Sachin is currently in the custody of Baroda police for interrogation murdering his live-in partner Heena and abandoning their 10-month-old child.

The primary inquiry by the police suggested that Sachin’s family wasn’t aware about Sachin’s extra-marital relationship with Mehndi aka Heena. His parents and wife Aradhana during interrogation denied of having any knowledge of his relationship.  But the recent investigation in the case has revealed that his family already knew about his live-in relationship with Mehndi aka Heena.

The sources have claimed that Mehndi had once lashed out Sachin in front of his wife Aradhna over an issue in Ahmedabad and during this Sachin was reportedly defended by his wife Aradhna.

On October 8, a child was found in Pethapur, Gandhinagar and the Gandhinagar police along with other forces started a hunt for his parents. In less than 24 hours his father, Sachin Dixit was caught from Kota, Rajasthan – who had abandoned the child after killing the child’s mother and his live-in partner Mehndi aka Heena.

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