ICG Rescues 16 Stranded People From Ambika River Near Valsad

|valsad | Updated: July 11, 2022 9:56 pm

The Indian Coast Guard officials from Coast Guard Air Station Daman rescued 16 stranded people near the river bank of Ambika river near Valsad, they carried out this rescue operation through helicopters. During incessant rains, causing flash floods near Valsad, the Coast Guard Air Station at Daman received a request for assistance in rescuing some distressed people along the banks of the river Ambika.

People rushed to their terraces as the flood water rose. On the river banks, some people took refuge at a height. Despite marginal visibility and strong winds, the Coast Guard helicopter reached the datum amidst heavy rain and strong winds. The helicopter crew quickly assimilated the situation and upon identification of the safe location for disembarkation, airlifted the 16 stranded persons to safety ashore.

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