Blackberry Is Dead

| Updated: January 5, 2022 11:53 am

Remember the iconic, status enhancing Blackberry Smart Phones ? Well they are dead for ever now. The Blackberry devices running the original operation systems and services were stopped on 4th of January, marking an end to the era of these classy phones.

Ontario based Blackberry Ltd., formerly known as Research in Motion launched these phones in the 1990s announced that the in-house software would no longer function reliably. These phones and the physical keyboards were once the perfect yet cool devices for both professionals and younger people as the phone supported the email system and messaging with ease. The phones went out of trend once Apple and Android started coming into the limelight with better graphics and touch screens.

The company stopped producing their own phones in the year 2016 and had shifted to a software based business and licensing its brand to TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd, the deal went off in the year 2020. The TCL devices were supported by the Alphabet Inc.’s Android OS and would be supported till August.

The company faced a spike in the shares owing to the nostalgic hit memes but later faced a similar down fall too. The phones would not function reliably for data, calls or 9-1-1 calls and the apps as well would not function properly.

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