Immigration Tale of Gymkhana: Woman Disguised as a Mother, Wife

| Updated: June 3, 2022 4:16 pm

A 54-year-old, indeed a master of disguise, engineered 10 different disguises, playing the roles of mother or a wife; to lure illegal immigrants to the United States. Having strong links with a gymkhana owner and some influential people, the woman from Ahmedabad has been successful in staying off the radar of the investigating department.

To avoid any collision with police, human smugglers pair men, women, and kids and make a family (also known as dummy families) and send them abroad as one unit. In this scam, Bharat Patel, a partner in the case of Gymkhana, was also involved. He has sent the same people again with different families to various countries and was enmeshed in the July 2021 controversy.

Risking lives and being blamed for the deaths of people, on January 16, he was responsible for the death of a family of four who froze to death while crossing the Canada-US border. Along with his partners Charanjit Singh and Guramrit Singh, they allegedly drowned six individuals near the St Regis area.

In 2001, this woman, the gymkhana aide was able to grasp her passport. According to police reports, she got 5 lakhs for each trip and used a different name for all trips. Officer said that she might have gone as a carrier in the US before 2018, but data still needs to get concrete to make a statement.

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