India Should Strive To Become Self-Sufficient Through Science: PM Modi At ISC

| Updated: January 3, 2023 1:40 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday remarked that the scientific community in India should try to make India an “Atma Nirbhar” (self-reliant).

In his speech to the Indian Science Congress, which was being conducted in Nagpur through video conference, he stated that scientific advancement should be focused on meeting India’s needs and that this should serve as inspiration for our scientific community.

He emphasised the nation’s expanding energy requirements and urged the scientific community to develop any advances in the area that would help the nation. Since 17–18 per cent of the world’s population resides in India, he asserted that as the country advances, so would the rest of the globe.

According to him, India is employing scientific methods for development today, and the results are evident. He pointed out that India improved its position in the global innovation index, moving up from 81st place in 2015 to 40th place in a list of 130 nations.

“Scientific attempts can turn into big achievements when it steps out of the lab to reach “zameen” (ground), when its impact ranges from global to grassroots, and when the changes are visible in research as well as real life,” he concluded. 

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