India’s Secular Unity: Priest Leaves Cow To Graze On Plastics; Muslim Vet Saves Bovine’s Life

| Updated: June 16, 2022 6:24 pm

In a grim pointer to the plastic invasion of planet Earth, a cow was rushed to a veterinary working with AMUL in Anand. The bovine was breathless and writhing in pain. In the operation that followed, Dr Mohsin Vohra recovered 30 kgs of plastic, steel wires and iron nails from the cow’s belly.

The cow belonged to the priest of Mahadev Temple in Pansora village of Umreth Taluka. “She stopped eating since the last 10 days and was also suffering from gastric trouble. We noticed bouts of vomiting,” locals reported.

However, on Wednesday, she stopped eating altogether and the owner noticed a sharp deterioration in her health. Realising that medical intervention was required, the cow was rushed to Dr Mohsin.

Dr Vohra’s timely diagnosis and action saved her life. He used a metal detector which beeped aloud the presence of heavy metals inside. “When I took her into the OT, it was to take out the metals. However, more than 30 kgs of plastic bags, container bits and sharp pieces were recovered. We also removed iron nails, a safety pin, a currency coin and hair pins. The bovine must have been in tremendous pain due to the infection caused by these toxic wastes accumulated inside,” he reportedly briefed the owner.

The doctor cautioned that cattle must not be let out for grazing in the open. Not only do sharp objects scrape the intestinal lining, the toxicity spills into milk.

All thanks to Dr Vohra and his team of veterinarians, the cow is on its way to recovery now.

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