Instagram Launches Exclusive Feature In India

| Updated: May 27, 2022 9:37 am

Instagram unveiled a new platform for Reels on Thursday called 1 Minute Music, which is currently only available in India.

The new platform, according to the company, comprises music from 200 musicians around the country and includes a set of music tracks and films for usage on Reels and Stories.

“Today’s Instagram trends are fueled by music. Reels is also becoming a venue for users to discover new music and artists “In a statement, Facebook India (Meta) Director of Content and Community Partnerships Paras Sharma said.

“We’re providing folks access to an exclusive set of tunes called ‘1 Minute Music,’ which they can use to make their reels more interesting. We also hope that this platform will serve as a model for established and young musicians to use Reels to share their own music and make their own films “He went on to say.

According to the firm, Reels is a developing worldwide stage where artists and music are found.

Artists have been utilising it to launch their music and share it with others since its introduction, which has fueled a number of trends on the platform. Instagram is now releasing the ‘1 Minute Music’ property to further feed this and motivate people to release their potential, it added. People can use the ‘1 Minute Music’ in the Reels audio gallery.

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