It is okay to hit stray dogs, says Amdavadi youth

| Updated: July 29, 2021 2:05 pm

A police complaint has been filed against a 17-year-old youth residing at Maruti Celedron, a luxurious residential society near Iscon Mall in Ahmedabad for allegedly killing a stray dog by throwing a heavy object at it.

The Satellite police are investigating the case after the juvenile’s neighbour brought it to the attention of The Black Panthers, an animal welfare group.

The 17-year-old Nisarg (not his real name) allegedly killed a stray dog with a metal-like object in a moment of fury on Monday. According to the police, Roopshikha Tandon, (not her real name) complained to an animal rescue group of her neighbour’s cruelty towards animals. The dog died on Tuesday evening, most likely of blood loss and shock, following which a police complaint was registered today.

Roopshika, found the dog on Monday, according to her the dog was alive and suffering, following the dog’s death, she contacted Ms. Deepa Joshi, who is a member of The Black Panthers. “The dog had painful convulsions and severe bleeding from the nose and then he died.” Ms. Joshi told Vibes of India. Ms. Joshi also filed an FIR and reportedlt took the dog’s body for an autopsy.

VoI visited the scene of the Dog’s demise. Nisarg’s mother claimed that her son was innocent and that he had in fact, hit another dog who had run away with his shoe. However, Nisarg confessed that he had hit the same dog who passed away. VoI is in possession of the CCTV footage of the incident where Nisarg is seen walking down the path to his house. He spots the dog and then hurls a metal object with all his ferocity towards it. Footage also reveals a disturbed Roopshikha who goes to Nisarg’s house where his family gets aggressive and appears to shout at her, driving her away from their door.

Another video shows an adult member of Nisarg’s family loudly telling a group of people that they had hit the dog and would do the same again with other stray dogs in the vicinity if they disturbed the family.

Ms. Deepa Joshi, who took charge of the case, and later filed an FIR told  VoI that the dog’s head and nose bore clear signs of blunt force trauma, pointing towards being struck by a heavy object, possibly made of metal. A veterinarian also endorsed these claims.

This incident occurs at a time when instances of violence against animals, particularly dogs have been rising all across India. Instances of bikers intentionally running over puppies and stonemasons cutting puppies in half have occurred in Agra in 2021, while the infamous case of ‘Bruno’ came to light recently, in which two Kerala men hung a black Labrador dog from a pole and thrashed it with sticks. Now such cruelty has possibly reached the bounds of Ahmedabad as well. 

It should also be noted that recently Delhi High Court held that animals in India have a right to be treated with dignity and compassion and that citizens have the right to feed stray dogs (also known as community dogs) as long as it did not infringe upon the rights of any other citizen. 

The judgement has been hailed by animal rights activists as a step in the right direction, while many have criticised its vague and interpretive nature, stating that often, feeding strays can cause nuisance to a person’s neighbours and may also be a public health hazard for both animals and humans since stray dogs and cats are rarely vaccinated. 

The High Court of Delhi held to this, drawing on judgements such as the 2014 Jallikattu case heard by the Supreme Court of India and the 2018 Uttarakhand High Court judgement that provided all animals with legal personhood. They also maintained that it is the fundamental duty of all Indian citizens to treat living creatures with compassion and kindness. 

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    This rascal born from shameless parents who fail to teach their bloody son compassion he along with his parents should be arrested n put in jail
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