It’s Mother’s Day Today!!

| Updated: May 8, 2022 6:38 pm

It is said that God could not be everywhere on Earth. So, He made mothers to look after and nurture little ones. If not for mothers, would childhood be a complete one? On Mother’s Day today, May 8 (the second Sunday in May), here’s raising a toast to all mothers who forget themselves once their little bundle arrives!!

Mother’s Day began in Grafton, West Virginia, in 1907 when Anna Jarvis hosted a service at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church to honour mothers. When her mother Ann Reeves Jarvis died in 1905, she voiced her desire for Mother’s Day to be recognised as a national holiday. The inaugural Mother’s Day was celebrated two years later. It was made a national holiday by US President Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Ever since, Mother’s Day is celebrated in May across the globe. 

And just in case you want to surprise yours, here a quick list of gifting ideas:

Gifts under Rs 500 

You buy her an expensive gift and she will lecture on the “waste of money!” So, fall back on these possibilities to package your thoughtfulness within a Rs 500 wrap. 

  • Scented candles
  • Sets of scented candles and a diffuser 
  • Solid air fresheners
  • Nail paints
  • Under-eye depuffing mask
  • Face sheet masks
  • Coffee Mug
  • Tea set with a tea strainer
  • Teapot
  • Kitchen organizers 

Where to find them: Miniso Store, Fresh or D Mart.

Gifts under Rs 5000

Any woman can do with a session of pampering and skincare. And mothers deserve that one day of relaxation today! Either book her at the local spa or just collect these items and gift her the hamper: 

  • Skincare gift basket:
  • Where: The Bodyshop, Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials. The baskets can be customised to suit every range. 
  • Gift boxes of candles and mist
  • Where: Bath and Body Works 
  • Kurtis 
  • Where: Westside, Pantaloons, Lifestyle Store 

Gift ideas under 50,000/-

No better day to splurge that Mother’s Day! So, take a cue from the list below:

  • Luxury makeup gift box
  • Where: Sephora, Nykaa, MAC
  • Luxe perfume 
  • Where: Sephora, Lifestyle Store, Pantaloons, My-My
  • Swarovski jewellery: Necklace, rings and bracelets, the possibilities are endless. The salesperson briefs that neckpieces and bracelets are within the Rs 38,000 to Rs 50,000 range. 
  • Luxury watch
  • Where: Golden Time and Helios 
  • Luxe Sunglasses
  • Where: Sunglass Hut, R.Kumar Store 

Gifting ideas under Rs 5 lakhs

If price is not your lookout, these gifts are sure to tell her that she is a reason to be indulged in!

  • Jewellery: As Sachin, the visual and communications designer at Harit Zaveri puts it: “Jewellery is investment unlike an electronic device or a phone. Secondly in India, gold and silver are considered auspicious and oft associated with celebratory days.” A fashion statement or a traditional piece to be cherished by all, a single piece of jewellery does say a lot. 
  • Laptop: A premium end PC or Mac to make sure those ageing eyes are not strained serves as a useful idea. Given that the pandemic changed the way we communicated, a laptop would be helpful. Better still, fit it with a Netflix subscription and your mother will have every reason to be out of the kitchen and rest those weary legs!
  • Luxury Watches like Omega, Rado, Cartier, Tissot, Longines, Tag Heuer
  • Where: Helios, Golden Time, Just In Time 

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