Kajol Srinivasan AKA LOL Rakshak: New ‘Guard’ Of Indian Comedy Scene

| Updated: May 21, 2022 7:54 pm

Kajol Srinivasan, a Mumbai-based stand-up comedian, is on her India tour with stories that would tickle your funny bones. She has been into stand-up comedy for the last five years and tackles hot topics in her pretty popular tweets. Her Twitter handle, LOL-rakshak, has received a lot of love and attention from people.

The LOL rakshak tweets are about social issues, movies, gender stigmas, and social taboos. The woman, full of energy and cheerfulness, tackles such hefty topics with the ease of her humor. Without any doubt, she beautifully decorates her posts with satire and wit. After her engineering studies, Kajol chose the designing field and succeeded with flying colors. Her father owns an advertising agency that inspired her to pick designing.

Team VOI tapped into a few insights into Kajol’s journey from being an engineer-cum-designer to taking an India tour as a stand-up comic. In a conversation with Team VOI, Kajol Srinivasan said, “Firstly, I established myself as a designer. The idea of stand-up comedy came later to me. I believe that artists should always have multiple ventures.”

Kajol mentioned that her first stage performance was a complete surprise to her. Her partner booked an open mic slot without her knowledge and inspired her to pursue stand-up comedy. Just like her first stage performance, her sets are spontaneous. Even while performing, she covers politics, Bollywood, and social and current affairs.

Regarding the comedy scene in India Kajol said, “We still have to do a lot of work. India, even today, is not entirely ready for the comedy scene. The audience for comedy culture is still developing.”

To know more about her story and thoughts behind ‘lol-rakshak’ watch Team VOI’s video interview with Kajol Srinivasan.

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