Jai Ho: Amdavadis Ditch Their Vehicles In Favour Of Public....

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Jai Ho: Amdavadis Ditch Their Vehicles In Favour Of Public Transport

| Updated: May 2, 2023 19:38

In Gujarat, there has been a growing trend of people using public transportation, despite having their own private vehicles. This shift in behaviour has caught the attention of many, and experts have been trying to understand the reasons behind it.

Vibes of India talked to several people who use public transportation even though they own their own private vehicles. They said one of the primary reasons is the cost-effectiveness of public transport. 

Vo! went to Nehrunagar BRTS stop where Bhavesh Patel said that “public transportation is pocket friendly, can reach easily to our destination and can avoid traffic jams during peak hours.”

Owning a private vehicle comes with significant expenses such as maintenance, fuel costs, insurance, and parking fees. Public transport, on the other hand, is relatively cheaper, especially for those who travel frequently. 

Vo! also went to Vastral Metro station, wher we met local Amdavadi  who said “During peak hours, traffic snarls can make commuting a nightmare for those who drive their own vehicles. Public transport, on the other hand, offers a hassle-free option that saves time and effort.”

Gujarat has seen rapid industrialization and urbanization over the past few decades, leading to a surge in the number of private vehicles on the roads. This has resulted in heavy traffic congestion during peak hours, making it difficult for people to travel to their destinations in a timely manner in cities like Ahmedabad and Surat. 

Using public transport allows people to avoid traffic congestion and reach their destination on time, without worrying about driving in heavy traffic.

Furthermore, using public transport is a more sustainable and eco-friendly option than driving a private vehicle. With rising concerns about climate change and air pollution, more people in Gujarat are opting for public transport as a way to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. 

Public transport, such as buses and trains, can also carry a larger number of people, reducing the number of vehicles on the road and the associated emissions.

In addition to these factors, public transport also provides a sense of community and social connection. Taking public transport allows people to interact with others from different walks of life, creating a sense of shared experience and belonging. This is particularly important in a country like India, where social connections and relationships are highly valued.

Furthermore, public transportation in Gujarat has improved significantly in recent years. The state government has made significant investments in upgrading the bus and railway networks, as well as introducing new metro rail systems. This has made public transportation a more comfortable and convenient option for many.

In addition, there is also a growing awareness of the need to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. By using public transportation, people can contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and help to make the air cleaner.

Overall, the trend of people in Gujarat using public transportation is a positive development. It not only helps to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution but also promotes a more sustainable and cost-effective mode of transportation.

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