Karnataka Man Claims He Was Kidnapped By A Gujarat Man

| Updated: September 20, 2022 8:47 am

A travel agency owner, Nilesh Dand from Hubli in Karnataka has filed a police complaint that a Gujarati man, Dr Tushar Thakor kidnapped him, illegally confined him and robbed him. The Chiloda police are conducting further investigations.

The 50-year-old Nilesh Dand has alleged that his friend Paringat Nair had promised Rs 35 lascs to Dr Tushar Thakor.

According to Nilesh Dand,” on April 14, our friend Bhagwan Nalwade, my wife and I came to a hotel in Kudasan on the border of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. According to Dand, his friend Nair spoke to Thakor, seeking an investment of Rs 2 Crore which was to be invested in cryptocurrencies. According to Inspector M G Jadeja of Chiloda police, “Nair claimed he sent Rs 35 lacs through an angadia firm, but the money did not reach Thakor.”

According to the FIR, Nair told Thakor that he would send the money later, but Thakor did not believe him. Dand told police,” I went to meet Thakor at a farmhouse near SP ring road in Chiloda to solve the issue. When I reached there, Thakor began abusing and threatening me. He confined me illegally at the farmhouse and beat me. He also took away my car keys and kept asking for Rs 35 lakh.”

After 12 hours, Thakor allegedly let Dand go but kept his car and a tablet. Dand reportedly travelled to Mumbai and filed an online complaint against Thakor. He also sent an email to the Ahmedabad city police commissioner on June 23. The application was later transferred to Gandhinagar police on June 27.

Jadeja said that the cops began an inquiry in July and filed a complaint based on Dand’s statement on Sunday. Chiloda police registered a complaint against Thakor for illegal confinement, causing hurt, criminal intimidation and uttering abusive words.

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