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Know Which Foods You Can Carry In Your Cabin Baggage

| Updated: March 26, 2024 10:14

As a thumb rule, dry items are allowed while there are restrictions for liquids and semi-liquids

When you are set to travel on a domestic flight in India, you might wonder what are the food items you can carry in your cabin baggage. Certain foods are prohibited due to security or hygiene concerns. 

As a thumb rule, dry snacks, like chips and biscuits, and fruits are allowed. Sealed bottles of water or soft drinks are also permitted. However, liquids or semi-liquids such as curries,  soups, yoghurt and sauces are not accepted. 

Perishable foods like raw meat, seafood and dairy products are generally not allowed, as they can pose a risk of contamination during transit. Seafood is not allowed in check-in baggage either.  

Here are more details:  

Bread and cheese: These are permissible food items. Make sure the bread is properly packed with no possibility of bread crumbs falling out.  

Chocolates: These are a common gifting option and are permitted. As for cakes, pastries and Indian sweets, only dry items are allowed. 

Fruits and vegetables: Indigo allows you to carry fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your carry-on bag. Make sure to pack them well.

Canned and cooked food: This is prohibited in hand baggage unless it’s less than 100 ml and adequately packed inside a plastic bag. Wet food items, including a bottle of jam or a cooked meal, are prohibited. But airlines differ in their rules, so make sure to check beforehand.

Ghee and oil: This may depend on the airline. For instance, Indigo allows you to carry ghee only in check-in baggage. Oil or even oily food is completely prohibited on an Indigo flight, while Air India allows you to carry a limited amount.

Pickle: You cannot carry pickle in either your cabin baggage or check-in baggage. 

Spices: If you’re taking an Air India flight, you cannot take it in your carry-on, but you can do so in your check-in bag. As for other airlines, make sure to check their rules. 

Baby food: On an Air India flight, you are allowed to carry baby food and feeding bottles in your carry-on bag. Most airlines allow baby food that exceeds the 100 ml bar. Be sure to put the food in transparent bottles. 

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