Self Love: Learn The Art And Science Of Loving Oneself

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Learn The Art And Science Of Love

| Updated: March 21, 2022 08:35

Love yourself first, baby mei kya Rakha hai? 

Koi hero yahan koi zero yahan 

Koi star hai koi bekaar hai 

Main kya kahun Hai sach to ye doston 

Ho i am the best 

I am the best

I am the best

Ho you are the best 

How many times do you feel you are not the best wife, mother, or husband? 

How many invitations have you turned down because you felt disgusted by the way you look & feel? 

How many times have you told yourself you suck at the job & left the task? 

And how many times have you looked yourself into the mirror and said “Why do I even exist?’

It is the lack of self-love that makes self-criticism rob us & we aren’t the best in our own eyes. 

I love you, sounds like a familiar term. But what about “I love me”. 

What does loving yourself mean & feel like? 

Let’s find out: So, what exactly is self-love?

Self: the union of elements (such as body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations) that constitute the identity of a person

Love: an intense feeling of deep affection. 

Self-love: deep affection for ourselves that unites body, emotions, thoughts & sensations 

Self-love has been a very important topic not just now but even in history. It is fascinating to know that the Self-love movement was started by the Beat Generation of the 1950s after the madness of World War II, “peace and love” was being promoted to help generate positive energy and an effort to preserve the environment. 

Self-love is shaped by your thoughts, relationships, experiences, and actions. Self-love is your overall opinion of yourself how you feel about your abilities and limitations. It is an opinion where you feel “I Am the best” and ignore “I Am not good enough”. The Self Love Crisis is real, 1 in 2 people worldwide feel more self-doubt than Self-love. But self-love can. 89% is the ratio of a person’s thoughts that are solely dedicated to criticizing ownself. 

So what to do, when your brain is filled with thoughts that you are not good enough? Circle back to the path when you feel your partner (your baby) doesn’t love you? You put in the effort, don’t you? Time to put effort into self-love. 

Considering the Neuroscience of Mind and Body Self-love comprises four aspects: self-awareness, self-worth, self-esteem, and self-care. 

I Am the best hack 1: 

Try positive Self-talk: Self Awareness: Neuroscience has shown that positive self-talk activates the primarily prefrontal regions of the centromedian nucleus and therefore helps you reframe the way you look at stressful situations, understanding that you will approach challenges with the best of your ability and that whatever the outcome – you did the best you could. Positive self-talk aims to change the narrative to ‘I can do better next time’ or ‘I choose to learn from my mistakes, not be held back by them’. 

Pro tip: Keeping a self-talk-diary is a scientifically proven method to track your mind chatter. 

I Am the best hack 2 : 

Be compassionate to your “Past-Self”: Self-Worth: We don’t forgive ourselves for our past events. Letting go and offering yourself forgiveness helps you boost your feelings of goodness and improve your image of yourself. Why be so hard on yourself? We forgive others better than ourselves. Is this even fair? 

Pro tip: Accept the past, address the emotion, remind yourself you are not perfect, & focus on taking steps to make better choices in the future. 

I Am the best hack 3: 

Perform acts of self-care: Self Care: How do you take care of your lover? Do you make sure they eat well? Do you check if they are sleeping well? Isn’t it? Start practicing self-care. These are the little things you can do for yourself that genuinely make you happy. Self-care is about being healthy because we care. Pro tip: Do 1 thing that you enjoy every day like, dancing/sketching / watching a favorite TV show.

I Am the best hack 4:

Work on your goals & growth: Self Esteem: Self-esteem deals with how we were loved as children, the growth of the people in our age group, and how well we have accomplished in life. Basically, it has everything to do with being content and comfortable with who you are, where you are, and what you have. 

 Aishwarya Jain – Founder of IM Happiness – a social community that works to increase awareness on mental well-being 

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