Live: Assembly Elections Results 2022 In Five States

| Updated: March 10, 2022 1:53 pm

Assembly Elections 2022: Counting of votes is underway in five states
Stay here for the latest updates as the results of the Assembly elections in five states — Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Goa, and Manipur — trickle in. The counting of votes began on Thursday morning amid tight security arrangements at nearly 1200 counting centers across the five states. The polling was conducted in seven phases in Uttar Pradesh, two phases in Manipur and one phase each in the other three states between February 10 and March 7.

Election Result 2022
Result of 403 seats of UP 
BJP + 271 seats ahead
SP + 124 forward on the seat
CON 03 Next to the seat
Next on the BSP 03 seat
OTH 02 forward on the seat

Election Result 2022:
Result of 70 seats of Uttarakhand
BJP 41 seats ahead

CON 26 forward on the seat
Next on the BSP 01 seat
AAP 00
OTH 02 forward on the seat

Election Result 2022:

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal shared a photo with Bhagwant Mann after his victory in Punjab, in which he said that he congratulates the people of Punjab very much for this revolution.

Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu concedes defeat, congratulates AAP, says I accept people’s mandate

Election Result 2022
Result of 117 seats of Punjab Legislative Assembly
CON 16 Ahead
AAP 90 Ahead
SAD + 06 Ahead
BJP + 04 Ahead
OTH 01 Ahead

In Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, party workers chanted “UP Mai Baba” and played Holi at the party office to celebrate.

40 seats of Goa Legislative Assembly

BJP 12 seats ahead
CON 18 seats ahead
TMC + 00 seat
AAP 02 seats ahead
MGP 04 seats ahead
OTH 04 seats ahead

403 seats of UP Legislative Assembly:
BJP 263 seats ahead
SP 126 seats ahead
CON 06 seats ahead
BSP 07 seats ahead
OTH 01 seats ahead

SP’s Swami Prasad Maurya trails by 9929 votes in Fazilnagar Assembly, Surendra Khuswaha leads

Harish Rawat trails from Uttarakhand’s Lalkuwa seat with 8616 votes and BJP’s Mohansingh Bisht leads

Keshav Prasad Morya, a candidate from Sirathu constituency in Uttar Pradesh, has attacked SP and Akhilesh and has tweeted

If we look at the post-1990 history of Uttar Pradesh, no government other than the coalition has ever come to power. Speaking of the BJP, this is its second consecutive term in which the party will come to power without forming an alliance with anyone. The Samajwadi Party, the Congress, and the BSP have been facing constant erosion.

403 seats of UP Legislative Assembly
BJP 291 seats ahead
SP 102 seats ahead
CON 03 seats ahead
BSP 05 seats ahead
OTH 02 seats ahead

70 seats of Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly
CON 45 seats ahead
BJP + 22 seats ahead
AAP 00 seat ahead
OTH 03 seats ahead

60 seats of Manipur Assembly
BJP 25 seats ahead
CON 14 seats ahead
NPP 11 seats ahead

NPF 04 seat ahead
OTH 06 seat ahead

117 seats of Punjab Legislative Assembly
CON 17 seats ahead
AAP 86 seats ahead
SAD + 09 seat ahead
BJP + 05 seat ahead
OTH 00 seat ahead

SBSP Party’s Ambas Ansari trails in Uttar Pradesh’s Mausadar seat

UP Legislative Assembly
BJP 302 seats ahead
SP 96 ahead

CON 02 ahead
BSP 01 seat
OTH 02

Yogi Adityanath ahead of 22000 votes in Gorakhpur urban seat, behind SP’ Sabhavati Shukla Trails

Congress’ N. Lokensingh is trailing in Manipur’s Nambol seat

In Uttarakhand, BJP is leading by 44 seats, Congress by 23 seats, and AAP by 2 seats

In Goa, BJP is leading by 18 seats, Congress by 13 seats, and MGP by 5 seats

In Uttar Pradesh, BJP is leading by 270 seats, SP by 103 seats, and BSP by 8 seats.

The BJP has a majority in Uttarakhand, with CM Dhami Khatima and Harish Rawat lagging from the Lalkua seat. However, the BJP’s saffron has remained the same in Uttarakhand.

In Punjab, AAP is leading with 86 seats, Congress with 17 seats, and BJP with 5 seats

Chances of BJP winning from Jawar seat too
BJP candidate Dhirendra Singh is leading with a margin of 2496 votes after the first round of counting in UP’s Jawar assembly seat. On the other hand, BSP candidate Narendra Kumar is at the second position. BJP candidate Dhirendra Singh is likely to win by a margin of more than 40,000 votes after the 1st round of counting.

SBSP’s Abbas Ansari trails from Uttar Pradesh’s Musadar seat

In Manipur, the BJP is leading in 13 seats while the Congress is leading in 10 seats, according to the trends so far.

Election Result 2022: BJP’s Keshav Maurya ahead of Uttar Pradesh Sirathu seat by 580 votes

UP Legislative Assembly:
BJP 206 seats ahead
SP 129 seats ahead
CON 03 seats
BSP 05 seats
OTH 01 seat

Election Result 2022-Punjab: Congress’ Charanjit Channy trails in both seats

Election Result 2022: BJP leads in 20 seats in Goa, Congress in 14 seats, AAP ahead in 1 seat

Election Result 2022: Parkash Singh Badal trailing in Punjab by 1500 votes

Election Result 2022: In Punjab, AAP is leading in 80 seats, Congress in 18 seats and SAD in 17 seats.

Election Result 2022: In Manipur, BJP leads in 28 seats, Congress in 11 seats, NPP in 18 seats

Election Result 2022: Sapna Azam Khan ahead from Uttar Pradesh Rampur seat

Election Result 2022 – BJP’s Akhilesh Yadav ahead of SP candidate SP Singh Badhel in Uttar Pradesh Karhal seat

Election Result 2022: BJP’s Yogi SP candidate ahead of Sabhavati Shukla in Gorakhpur Urban seat of Uttar Pradesh

Election Result 2022: BJP leads in 34 seats in Uttarakhand, Congress leads in 33 seats, AAP leads in 1 seat

Punjab: Congress’ Charanjit Channy leads in both seats

Election Result 2022 – Harish Rawat ahead of Lalkuva seat in Uttarakhand

Election Result 2022 – Faiznagar seat of Uttar Pradesh, ahead of SP’s Swami Prasad Morya, behind BJP’s Surendra Kushwaha

Election Result 2022: In Uttar Pradesh, BJP is leading in 100 seats, SP in 125 seats, BSP in 4 seats, Congress in 1 seat.

Election Result 2022: In Punjab, Congress leads in 20 seats, AAP leads in 58 seats, BJP leads in 3 seats, SAD leads in 25 seats.

Election Result 2022: In Uttar Pradesh, BJP is leading in 99 seats, SP in 94 seats, BSP in 6 seats, Congress in 3 seats.

Election Result 2022: BJP leads in Uttarakhand with 31 seats, Congress with 34 seats, AAP ahead with 2 seats

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