Man Accused Of Raping Woman Onboard Flight

| Updated: February 12, 2022 7:14 pm

In what could probably be the first case of its kind, a man has been accused to raping his co-passenger on a United Airlines overnight flight from New Jersey to London.  The incident took place on January 31, but the media has now been informed of the incident.  According to reports, the accused and the victim business class flyers and the two got talking during the night. 

Reportedly, the 40-year-old British national, raped the woman while all passengers were asleep. Since, the two were the only occupants in separate enclosures in the premium section, the man, according to the woman, muzzled her voice and committed the crime. 

Post the trauma, the woman reported the incident to the flight attendants. On landing at London’s Heathrow, the accused and victim were detained for questioning. The flight and alleged scene of crime were searched, and samples collected, to aid investigation. 

The accused was released on bail pending further inquiry.  The London Metropolitan Police have confirmed the incident.  The matter is being probed, police said.  Meanwhile, the woman underwent a medical examination.

When questioned, the flight crew narrated seeing both talking to each other “over drinks.” 

“We confirm the incident and are cooperating fully with the police investigation,” the airline issued a statement.

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