Man in Gujarat is One out of a Lakh to Get a Rare Disease 

| Updated: June 22, 2022 11:24 am

Rajendra Singh Chavda had acute pain in his spine for a few months. It was turning into a task for him to even move simply. He went to government-run Nutan Medical College for treatment after visiting a few hospitals in Mehsana

The reports revealed that he had Tuberculosis on the C1 and C2 discs, which is an occurrence that is as rare as one in every lakh patients. Dr. J P Modi, a spine surgeon commented that this was especially an uncommon affair in the North Gujarat region. The scan also showed that the C1 disc was entirely mutilated by the infection. 

The man went through occipital cervical fusion surgery in order to treat his cervical pain. Tuberculosis is usually a disease that affects the lungs. 

The cervical surgery was three hours long and was conducted by neurologists and other experts. 

Dr. Modi revealed to sources that this kind of surgery is usually not taken up due to how expensive it can be. But it was done absolutely free of cost for Chavda at the government hospital. He believes that this case is crucial to spread awareness about Tuberculosis in the spine and its treatment 

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